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Friday, January 06, 2012



As you know from calling us during the trip (we love the Magic JACK) we drove to Huntsville yesterday.

Here's what you missed:

Anderson saw a small airplane and asked if it was a dragon.

Anderson had his camera ready because he said, "If I see Bigfoot I want to have my camera ready because then we'll have proof that one really exists."

Never dull with that boy.

Giovanni had to wear his new hat and gloves and wouldn't allow anyone to take them off even though it was a warm day. He even took a nap with them on (until Bronwyn took his hat off before his little head started sweating).

Just thought you'd like the travel update.

P.S. Thanks for making mom laugh hard, as only you can do, when you called during our trip. Glad you had a good day and are getting settled in.

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