"Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words." Saint Francis of Assisi

Monday, January 09, 2012


Your homework for today:

1) Go to Ansley's blog. You can click here to read about her first week in Ecuador.

2) After you read her blog post go to the bottom and post a comment for her. You have no idea how encouraging a simple comment can be.

3) After posting your comment go to the right side of her blog and type in your email on her "SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG!" section so that you'll get an email letting you know when she blogs so you'll always be able to read what's going on and leave her those encouraging comments we just talked about.

4) Go back to number 1 and click on the blog right now and do those things.

None of what we've asked you to do takes very long. In 5 minutes you could do everything we asked. You'll then be blessed to know what God is doing in Ecuador, you'll get to laugh from time to time with Ansley (she's funny.....stay with the video on the blog and the ending will make you chuckle), you will have encouraged our daughter and you'll be signed up to always get her email.

I'm expecting that to be done by the end of this day. Remember it's your homework.

My wife taught school for 10 years before we moved to Brasil. She knows how to discipline when it comes to school work. Don't make me call her to deal with you because you didn't do your homework.  She will pop your knuckles with a ruler and you don't want that.

Just do your homework and no one gets hurt.


Leni said...

Eu como sempre sou acelerada...já fiz isso ontem e sempre postarei comentários para animá-la tanto no Equador como com seu blog...como eu não precisei esperar a lição deverei ganhar uma prenda...visitem meu blog e ao visitar escreva um comentário...até aceito críticas, mas tenha cuidado sou muito sensível...hehehe

ansley maye blume said...

You don't have to do that, dad! but thank you! I miss you guys soooooo much.

Brian Walton said...

Not to pat myself on the back (but I really am :)), please notice who was the first one to comment on Ansley's blog. I should get extra credit or something for completing the homework assignment before it was even given! :)

Also, you got married? You mention your wife in the post...what happened to your girlfriend? :)