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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to School

This morning we put this goober (the one on the left.....not the college age looking super hot girl on the right)...

...in a car with my cousin's son (Andrew) as they made their way back to Texas to start the spring semester of college.

It's never a super warm fuzzy fun thing to put your kids on planes or in cars and then go live 5,000 miles away but it's part of growing up (for both parents and kids). And Bronwyn is so blessed to have so many good buds at college.

It's one of those deals where she didn't want to leave us but she also wanted to get back to her buds and school life. We understand. It's life.

We would appreciate your prayers for safety for Bronwyn and Andrew as they make the 10+ hour drive today.

We'd also appreciate prayers for all of them to have a great spring semester.


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Leni said...

Vocês estão lindas nessa foto...parecem duas irmãs. Bom retorno a Bonnita para sua Escola e a vcs também para casa. Deus vos abençoe!!!!!Amamos vcs e aguardamos ansiosos a retomada de nossos trabalhos e convívio.Bjão