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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Guys, Big Sisters Update

Hey B and Ans,

I thought you might be missing your little brothers' summertime activities.

Giovanni has picked up the Blume little kid tradition of enjoying walking around in just his underwear. It's been pretty hot here and it didn't take "clothing boy" long to change his ways. He still prefers clothing but is getting used to the coolness that underwear only provides.

Here is a video of some recent dancing by your brothers that we thought you'd enjoy.

We also thought you would enjoy some reading pics we took of them the other day.

You also have another younger (although now bigger than both of you) brother who has been pretty busy since we got home. Guess what he and I did last night?
Lucky! (Hear it in your brains as Garrett would say it in his best Napoleon Dynamite voice.)

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Leni said...

Que lindos estão Anderson e Giovanni...tão crescidos!!!!saudades.