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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthdays and Fans

We have a friend who celebrated a birthday yesterday. Take a look at the goober on the far right.

His name is Dee and he, his wife Laura, and their kids moved here last June. They are also missionaries. They actually live in the house we used to live in that the Baptist Mission graciously allowed us to live in (RENT FREE) for two years. They moved in and our families immediately hit it off.

Our girls babysit for their little boys. Their family has worshipped with our house church. Dee is a part of the men's morning prayer group that was started a couple of years ago. We've double dated with them before. Our kids get along great and we really enjoy being around Dee and Laura. They are goofy like us and we like that.

Anyway, yesterday was Dee's birthday. We all hung out at a nearby pool together for a little bit and then we came to our house for a birthday dinner. Nothing fancy. Just a meal and a cake.
Told you, he's a goober.

Our brother and sister Freitas and Auristela and their son were here as well.

Freitas was here to not only celebrate Dee's birthday but also help us install some ceiling fans. Right before we went to the states we bought 3 ceiling fans. When you move into an apartment or a house it comes with nothing. No closets, no kitchen cabinets, and no light fixtures. When we lived in the Baptist house they had light fixtures and fans so we put all our stuff in storage. After 2 years in a hot, humid storage unit, only one ceiling fan worked so we needed to get some new ones.

If you know me you know I have little to no "fix-it-up" capabilities. I can learn stuff and do some things but if I know someone else who can do something and likes to do it I have no problem asking them. And that's what I did before we left. I asked Freitas and Dee if they would mind coming to our house and putting up our fans. They said they would, but they got too busy and time got away from them and it just wasn't able to get done while we were gone.

So they came to celebrate and to work (sorry about that, Dee) last night.

While we were eating Freitas called his father-in-law to come help. His name is Sidney. He knows how to do almost everything. I can't tell you how much I love that guy. I love being around him.

Anyway, they put up 2 of our 3 fans and started trying to figure out the third when I told them to go home and go to bed. It was after 10:00.

We laughed and cut up the entire time and I thought, for the 10,000th time since we moved here almost 10 years ago, how much the Brasilians (and last night my American brother) are teaching me about selflessness. I could ask any of my Brasilian friends to do anything at any time of the day and I know they would do it. I know because I've seen it. These Brasilians are helping to flush my selfishness out.

I apologized to Dee last night for his boring birthday party. He smiled and said he was having a good time.

God's family was in our house last night and there is nothing better. Here are the guys in action last night and, yes, me holding a flashlight was about the extent of my helpfulness.

Happy Birthday Dee and thanks to you, Freitas and Sidney for allowing us to sleep with a fan over our bed last night. We've been thanking God for you guys even more since we saw the forecast for the next few days of 95 degree weather.

I'm pretty sure Anderson already enjoys the fan in our room.

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ansley maye blume said...

this blog post has made me the most jealous since i have been in ecuador. i REALLY really really miss this - awesome people, family, pools, HOT WEATHER. and cute little brothers and sisters. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!!