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Thursday, January 05, 2012



Stephen just left to go back home. He's going to have a long day. Pops just took him, with Bronwyn for the ride, to the Greyhound station where he will take a bus to Little Rock. Then a taxi from the station there to the airport where he will fly to Houston. Then his dad will pick him up and take him back to College Station. Like I said, a long day for him.

We took our goodbye photos as we told him bye. First with the grandparents.

Then with your brothers and sisters.

As I walked back into the kitchen after telling him bye in the garage I found these two goobers doing this:

That, of course, morphed into more and more goofiness.

Don't worry, while you are in Ecuador your family will still be goofy.


ansley maye blume said...

I love this. I hate missing you guys!! 4 and a half months is too long :( I love you!!

ansley maye blume said...

Ps I prayed for Stephen today and the scary greyhound bus...... Did he get there ok?