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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 3-Part 2

After Benay and Giovanni were moved to the recovery room, I went home to get the rest of the kids. They couldn't wait to get to the hospital. Unfortunately the hospital was completely full which meant Benay had to stay in the recovery room for a few hours, until a bed opened up in the hospital, and the younger kids could only look at their new brother through a window. Ansley was allowed to go back with Benay and she was the one who showed off her new brother to the rest of the family.She then enjoyed some alone time with Giovanni while Benay tried to get some sleep. "Not fair" came the cries from the other kids who didn't understand why Ansley and Bronwyn got to go back but they didn't. "Hospital Rules" don't really make sense to 11,9 and 4 year olds. Finally, a bed opened up on the maternity floor and they moved Benay and Giovanni which meant the rest of the crew could hold their new brother. Giovanni was immediatley introduced to what will come in his life..........7 different people wanting to hold him and play with him at one time.
Carys was so excited about Giovanni that she called her school to tell her teacher.
Benay did great with the delivery, God gave us one more little boy and the kids were able to hold their little brother for the first time...........and God finally impressed a name on our hearts that we all had peace about (notice Benay's handwriting in of Giovanni's name on the card; we didn't know what it was going to be when the nurses were filling it in right after his birth and so Benay filled it in later).
It was a great.........
........and tiring day.God is good.

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