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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"You Hold Him and I'll Pet Him"

With six kids we've got some practice introducing kids to new baby brothers and sisters. Each time it's fun to watch and each child reacts a little differently. Anderson was no different.

When he got to the hospital he was really excited to see his new little brother.

When Benay got to her room Ansley and Carys helped introduce Anderson to Giovanni.He got a little more comfortable, checked him out some more and then gave him a little touch. You need to understand that Anderson is a very touchy, feely, affectionate child. We knew his nature would not allow him to stay away from his new brother.

Then it was time for the kids to hold Giovanni. When it came time for Anderson he said, "That's okay, you hold him and I'll pet him." He still needed some more time to check things out before he was ready to hold his new brother. So we gave him lots of "petting" time.But after a few minutes he was ready to take Giovanni for a test drive. His big brother and sisters were there to help. Then it became a natural thing for him and he wanted to hold him more and more.
Here are our three boys together. I'm going to enjoy this calm looking picture because we know soon lots of things will be broken in our house because of these three.........the first two are already doing a pretty good job of it.


Susan Doss said...

What cute pictures! (of cute kids!)
Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Elisa really liked this post. Thanks for sharing the pictures!