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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hard to believe but today we have a 21 year old.

That's right, it's Bronwyn's birthday. It's time to celebrate.

You guys know what we do on these special days.

Here we go:

Giovanni:  (an exact quote)  "Happy Birthday. Dear God thank you for this day, for the presents and Amen."

Anderson: "Bronwyn is like the best oldest sister ever! She is nicer than the other sisters and I love her SOOOOOOO much! (I'm sure he meant no offense Ans and Carys) And thank you for dating Stephen because he is also awesome! Happy Birthday!!"

Carys: "Bronwyn you are one of the best sisters ever and i love you and miss you so much, and i miss watching movies and musicals with you"

Garrett: "Bronwyn, Bronwyn, Bronwyn what can I say about you? You ares the bests sisters in the whole worlds, I thinks that you ares awesomes in everything you do, you are the bests, you ares my macho sister, you ares my supers-hero! Happy Birthdays Bronwyn!!"

Ansley: "Bronwyn, aka my best friend... Is it bad that I am scared at how fast we are growing up? Do you remember when it was just you and me, the two troublemakers (well, I was a troublemaker...)? I cannot believe that today you are 21 and I will soon be 19. I LOVE you, I hope you have an awesome day and I hope you eat lots of ice cream for me :) I will see you very, very soon. Love you! Feliz cumpleaƱos!"

Girlfriend:  "Wow, Bronwyn.  I can't believe you are 21 today.  It seems like yesterday that you were born and they handed you to me.  You were so beautiful, and you still are.  God has blessed you with so many things - compassion, kindness, intelligence and just plain ol' goodness.  All of these things make you so beautiful on the inside and it shows on the outside in your sweet smile.  I love your goofiness and how you can laugh at yourself.  You don't take life too seriously, yet you are deeply spiritual.  I am so very proud of you and so excited about everything God is doing in your life.  I love you!  Mom  (p.s.  I O U one (at least) coffee date when you get home!)"

Me: "Hard to believe that you are 21 today. I was talking to a friend today (here's your hint on who it was: "Why does she want to be a nurse and not a doctor?") and told him that in some ways it seems like it was yesterday that you were born and in others in seems that it's really been 21 years. Me and mom have loved every minute of being your parents. You are an amazing person. I love that you have always known who you are in our family, among your friends and in God's kingdom. You are strong in your faith and that is such a blessing to us. You are a great big sister. You love to spend time with each of your brothers and sisters and that's been a great example for the rest of the kids to see. You've had a lot responsibility dumped on you, sometimes unfairly, because you are the oldest and you've always handled it in a very mature and graceful way. I also love the example you've been to your friends (both in Brasil and the U.S.) and your house church family here. I know lots of people will be in heaven because of you through your actions, example and your words. You aren't afraid to step out of your comfort zone for Jesus. What more could we ask for? We thank God for you. So enjoy your birthday and go celebrate with a cold one. Hey, you are 21 now so go have fun (It's always fun to get Grandma riled up). I love you!"

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