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Friday, March 16, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we shared about Garrett and soccer. If you missed it you can click here.

We asked for prayers for him. 

The other day my girlfriend told me that I needed to give everyone, except for a certain grandparent who is getting regular phone call reports, an update since I haven't mentioned anything since. 

Since practice began he's been on a team of about 35 guys. 

We were told that only 25 will make the junior pro team. 

He practices 4 days a week for 2-2.5 hours per practice. 

He also has had games each weekend. 

My girlfriend has a board that she marks what's going on during the month. We do a lot of soccer.

On the weekends they have two games. One on Saturday for the main starters. And one on Sunday for the substitutes to start and play most of the game.

Anyway, for the weekend games, they only invite 20 guys to play in the games. 

The first weekend he was the 18th person called. I only know this because Garrett told me after practice after the coach called out each person's name. 

Garrett played about 5 minutes in the first game. He was disappointed he didn't play more but played his best for those 5 minutes. 

The first weekend, when he played 5 minutes, he was with the starters. 

Last weekend he played on Sunday. Right before the game he was given the number 10. Which is a huge honor. The number 10 is usually given to the playmaker on the team. 

Garrett said he played terrible. He felt like he needed to call the coach and apologize for how he played. 
I'm sure it wasn't as bad as he thought. 

Yesterday they played a scrimmage and Garrett didn't start with the starters or the subs. He came in and played only 5 minutes. 

He got in the car after practice and was mad. He said he played so little because of how bad he played on Sunday. 

I tried to encourage him and even told him that some coaches do mind games at times to see how their players would react. Maybe that's what happened yesterday. Who knows?

So basically after almost 3 weeks of practice we have no idea where Garrett stands in making the top 25. And even though he is bummed about the last game and last practice that all could change at today's practice. 

He is enjoying it and tells us it's the hardest training he's ever done. We like that. He's getting stronger physically and playing good and, whether he likes it or not, he's getting stronger mentally. 

Thanks for praying for him and please keep remembering him in your prayers. One request we have is that he will play with joy no matter what happens. 

This is, so far, a great experience for him. 

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Anonymous said...

Garrett, when you want something bad enough, the hard work comes easyor, at least enjoyable. We are looking for you to continue to do well. We are pulling for you!!!

Granna and Granddaddy