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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Need a good nurse?

This, as you know, is Bronwyn.

If you didn't know, she is our oldest kid and she's in school in Texas. She's a pre-nursing student.

She emailed us yesterday to tell us that she had been accepted to nursing school. She got accepted on her first try. Very cool. So as of this fall she is a nursing major. Put the "pre" in the trash.

Honestly we weren't surprised. Bronwyn is very dedicated and is a great student but we definitely celebrated this good news.

Feel free to leave her a comment here. I know she would be encouraged.

Way to go Bronwyn! We are very proud of you.


Jennifer said...

Way to go, Bronwyn! You're going to be an awesome nurse.

Ed Allred in Abilene said...

Congratulations, Bronwyn. We need you and a lot more like you in the medical profession!

Anonymous said...

Bronwyn, already accepted!! That is great but we knew you would have no problem at all. We know you will do a good job. Love You

Granna and Granddaddy