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Thursday, March 08, 2012

One More Teenager

It's hard to believe but Carys turns 13 today. Hard to believe because in my mind she always looks like this to me:

You know our birthday tradition. Here we go:

Giovanni (as translated by my girlfriend):  "Ank you, Carys, for making everything fun for me.  When I fall down, you give me a snoopy bandaid.  When I have to do something I don't want to do, you make it into a fun game.  You are a great big sister!  I love you!"

Anderson: "Carys, you're the best sister EVER! And you make the best breakfast EVER! And I LOVE YOU!"

Garrett: "Happy birthday Carysss!! I love you so much! You always tell me dumb jokes that are really funny!! I love you a lot Carys!!! And Happy Birthday!!!

Ansley: "Carys, I cannot tell you how much I miss you sometimes! You are so funny and happy and I just really miss you. I hope you have an awesome birthday!! I love you and will see you in a little
while :)

Bronwyn: "Keka!!! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really good day and that you make everyone else do what you want to do. I love watching movies with you (duh) and I love it when you leech on me. I really wish I could be there with you today! I love you and miss you a lot!

Girlfriend: "Carys,  what a blessing you are!  I love you so much and just enjoy being your mom.  You are funny, sweet, brave, and crazy.  Thanks for bringing sunshine to our days.  Thanks for liking girly things so I don't go crazy in this mainly boy household that we have now.  You are an awesome girl and I know that you will just grow prettier and sweeter as you get older (but don't grow up too fast!!).   I love you!"

Me: "Vivi, I can't tell you how much fun it is being your dad. You are just like your picture from above. You always look for the fun in everything and that blesses everyone around you. And you have an awesome laugh. You have one of the funniest laughs I've ever heard. It always makes me laugh. I love that you are a daredevil and I love that you aren't afraid of anything (like when you asked last week if you could jump out of your second floor window because you "KNEW" you could do it and not get hurt!). You are one very cool big/little sister and you bless me and mom very much! But the most important thing about your life is that you follow Jesus and are a great example to your friends. Me and mom could not be more proud of you. I love you Vivi!"

Happy Birthday! We love you!


Missionary's Missionary said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Carys. Enjoy your 13th year - it was one of my favorite years of my life. May God fill your life with good things.

Hug your family for me. Love them all so much.


Elyssa Smith said...

Happy birthday, Carys! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you. We enjoyed the day with you and your family and friends. Here's to chugging grape soda! :D Elyssa and Josh