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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An example of why all politicians make me puke

I don't do politics on this blog. It's your business and I really don't care.
I do, however, hate hypocrisy and that's the main reason I don't follow politics very much anymore. Too much lying, cheating and hypocrisy.

I don't post today's article to get responses. I don't care if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, whatever. It's up to you to vote the way God tells you to. You vote your conscience. I'll do the same.

I do post the article because it immediately made me roll my eyes when I read it. It's why I'm sick of politicians. All of them.

They talk out both sides of their mouths.

I think the article is funny, sad, and, in my opinion, typical of politicians everywhere.
Judge for yourself:

Vice President Joe Biden addressed 87 wealthy Democrats last night attending a fundraiser at the home of Sen. John Kerry in Georgetown. As they dined on grass-fed New York strip steaks and white truffle mashed potatos underneath a outdoor tent, Biden criticized Republicans for being out of touch.

“These guys don’t have a sense of the average folks out there,” Biden said according to the pool report, “They don’t know what it means to be middle class.”

87 guests paid a minimum of $10,000-per-couple to attend the dinner.

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