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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My afternoon with Anderson

Bronwyn and Ansley,

I took Anderson to the Inter-Juventude game today.

Just me and him. So you know my ear was bleeding when we got home. It's always fun with him and, as you know, he talks the entire game.

Thought I'd give you some highlights. Those that I remember.

As soon as we sat down in our seats I got this:

Like they say in Brasil "Ordem e Progresso."

First half comments:

Anderson: "Man! When are they going to start the game?"
Me: "It started a minute ago."
Anderson: "Oh." (he missed it because he was talking but the sad thing is he was looking at the field when he made the comment)

Anderson: "Do you love history?"
Me: "I love history!"
Anderson: "Do you love it more than you love popcorn?"

That juiz makes me so mad. I won't say I hate him but he sure makes me mad!

Second half comments:

Which stadium in the world does the most waves?

Which stadium has less fans than Beira Rio?

Anderson: "When can we go to another stadium?"
Me: "What do you mean? Like gremio?"
Anderson: "NO! Like Barcelona."
Me: "I don't know dude. That costs a lot of money."
Anderson: "Victor got to go to Barcelona stadium AND he parachuted into it."
Me: "He parachuted into the stadium?"
Anderson: "Well not into it but into the city of Barcelona? He said it was awesome!" (Victor is 7)

The second the game was over:

That was the best game EVER! It was SENSATIONAL!!

On the walk to the car:

Anderson: "What's your favorite food?" 
Me: "Pizza."
Anderson: "You want to know my top 3?"
Me: "Sure."
Anderson: "Number 3: Pasteis. Number 2: Coconut milk. Number 1: Doughnuts. THE traditional food."

The game, by the way, was awesome! We won 7-0. Imagine what Anderson was doing with each goal.

Here are your highlights:

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