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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Boy

It's this guys birthday today:

We think he's pretty cool.

Giovanni: "Garrett, he wants Chick Hicks and The King and Lightning McQueen that has the Piston Cup on it. I love you! You like puzzle piece and mom and dad is mad at me every day Garrett. Done."

Anderson: "Garrett, you are awesome. you are awesome at soccer. i love it when you play soccer with me but remember none of this is about soccer. it's about you. it's all about you. lucky. be ready to get your license. love you. anderson"

Carys: "Garrett i love you so much i love it when we wrestle and when you laugh at something and then i laugh right after and you get mad. I LOVE YOU!"

Ansley: "GARRETT, I love you sooooo much!!! I miss you and how we always laugh together.....I really miss the office, seinfeld, blades of glory, the benchwarmers.....I hope you know you are so sweet, smart, awesome at soccer and SMOKIN HOT. all my girl friends here think you are sexayyyyy. LOVE YOU AND HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!

Bronwyn: "Garrettttttttttttt! Happy Birthday!!!! I can't believe you're 16... that's weird. Good thing I can still beat you up all the time! (sissy man). I know you're going to have an awesome day today and I wish I could be there! But, I'll get to see you soon, and maybe if you're nice I'll bring you some Dr. Pepper. Love you!!!!!

Girlfriend:  Happy Birthday, Garrett!  You are an awesome son and I love you so much.  Thank you for being sweet, generous and just easy to get along with (usually!).  I remember when you were a baby, your favorite thing to play was ball.  You and I would sit on the floor and I would throw one of those big bouncy balls to you and you would catch it and throw it back.  I guess you owe your soccer career to me!  I also remember the time I pulled a ROACH (gross!!!!) out of your mouth.  I guess that's why you will eat almost anything today - and I love that about you, too!  Thank you for being a person of integrity - someone you can count on to do the right thing.  Thanks also for being such a great big brother to Anderson and Giovanni.  They really look up to you.  Well, I hope your 17th year is the best one yet!  I love you so much!  Mom

PS.  Dad lied, he is not taller than you.  Just wanted to throw that in for all the blog readers.

Me: "I'm with B, I can't believe you are now 16. It is weird but it also feels right at the same time. I love your quiet personality. I love how you are comfortable with how God made you and I love how you use the gifts He has given you. I love that even though you are 16 you aren't too cool to read your devo to me when I'm driving you to soccer practice. I love the example you are to your little brothers and the way you always are willing to protect your sisters. I love that you are a quiet, Christ-like leader. Your friends and teammates look to you to lead by example. You don't scream and yell and cuss. You don't have to. You just calmly lead by example. Your coach already told us that one time. I love that you are a prayer warrior. You have taught me, by your persistent prayer warrior attitude, more about prayer than any other person or any book I've ever read. You pray stuff until God gives His answer and you don't stop or get depressed or quit when His answer is "No." I love that. I especially love that you have given your life to Jesus. You've always been a Christian and the professional soccer world will be blessed by your faith after you become a pro. And you will become a pro and that will be your mission field!! I am super proud of you! Oh yeah, I also think it's cool that I am still taller than you and that I still kill you in wrestling. Girly man! Love you!"

P.S. It still bugs me that you can grow a full mustache at such a young age!

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