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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend-Post 2......The Boys

Dear Winnie and Ans,

Friday night was about Carys.

Saturday was definitely the day for the little guys.

First Anderson had a game. It was an amistoso and we had to go back to the place of Stephen's crime. That's right, the place where he made the little kid cry. Tough emotions to go back there but God gave us the strength to go in because, after all, we didn't make the boy cry. Stephen did.

Anyway, Anderson had a great time.

His team won 5-3 and he made the last goal.

Hey who's that super cool couple celebrating and filming? Oh, it's just us.

Here is his team.

And here are the melhores momentos of his game. The video is loaded with good stuff. Almost goals by Anderson, a visit from Tuck from Wonder Pets, a very sweaty headed 4 year old, a goal celebration by Anderson of a goal that another kid made (a kid that Anderson never played with before) and the awesome, awkward, "I am super excited but don't know you that well but want to hug you but, again, don't know you enough to give you the full hug" post celebration. An awesome goal by our favorite 8 year old (with his right foot!) followed by the finger pointing dedication to his mom which was then followed by his practiced comemoração. A little mid game, post score smile and an excited coach talking to your brother after the game.

After the game Anderson had his class party. Full of parents and dressed up kids. Anderson initially went as a storm trooper. We told him to just go as a soccer player and keep his game uniform on. He said he would be too embarrassed. He walked in and every boy was either an Inter or gremio player. His storm trooper costume was off in about 30 seconds.

We had a great time talking with the parents and Anderson's teacher. Anderson and Gi played like crazy outside and got soaked with sweat.

No pictures of that party. Sorry.

We left that party and went to Viamão to a party that Quigs was invited too. It was a super nice neighborhood that we didn't even know existed but it took about 45 minutes to get there. It was for Bernardo and the boys had a blast.

Three people like Giu were there along with two more people manning a trampoline and inflated slide.

We spent most of the time talking to Benjamin's parents. They were super nice and we got to know more about their jobs. They are both horse vets. I wasn't expecting finding two horse vets in the middle of our big city.

Here is a blurry post party shot.
 And one of just the balloon warriors in front of Bernardo's house. You have to love Gi's hat.

We got home close to 9:00 that night and the sweaty, dirty boys hopped right in bed. We did too.

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