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Friday, October 26, 2012

Nature Girl

If you've followed this blog over the years or if you know our family very well you know about Carys.

She isn't afraid of anything. She loves to laugh and she loves animals.

When she was little she wanted to either be a vet or a cowgirl. I overheard her tell my girlfriend the other day that she still wanted to be a vet. Although I'm a little sad that she doesn't want to be a cowgirl anymore I know she would make a great vet.

A few days ago Garrett and I were leaving our apartment when something caught our eye on the street.

We noticed a bird flopping around on the street. It could fly in short bursts but it was obvious something was wrong.  Another bird was hanging out beside. It looked to me like he was trying to protect the struggling bird.

I immediately did a 360 and buzzed our apartment and asked for Carys. In about 30 seconds she was out on the street in her pajamas trying to catch the hurt bird.

She, of course, succeeded, and so we had a bird in a cardboard box in our house the entire day.

She gave the little guy some food and water and he stayed in the box with no problem.

The problem seemed to be a busted wing.

We had a conversation about how to help the bird. We didn't have the money to take the bird to the vet so I decided that we needed to take him to a little bamboo forest close to our house. Carys reluctantly agreed.

For the next couple of days we went to feed the bird and give him water. He didn't move from the spot we put him in.

On the third day he was gone. Maybe God provided a miraculous healing. That's what we were hoping for instead of death by a cat.

Carys is really good with animals. She loves all of them and they love her.

See how this bird actually posed for the picture with Carys? Very cool. Told you they love her.

So, in about 10 years, get your pets ready to visit the best vet around. Unless of course she changes her mind and decides to be a cowgirl and, knowing Carys, that could definitely happen. 

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the Jewell family said...

We found some bird eggs this morning in our shed. Now they're in Jonah's reptobator. We'll see...

If Carys decides to be a cowgirl I expect to see her in Texas.