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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Post 3......The Future Pro

Sunday afternoon Garrett had a game. It was, we believe a miracle, that he could play at all. Why? Because he woke up Saturday morning and was unable to put any weight at all on his left foot. None. When he tried he almost cried. He actually got around the house on Saturday sitting on a skateboard. He did nothing to his foot that would have caused so much pain.

So Saturday morning we laid hands on him and rebuked, in Jesus' name, what we felt was a demonic attack. This wasn't the first thing that has happened in our house to our family in this way over the last month but that's a blog for another day.

Garrett missed his game 2 weekends ago because of damage to the ligaments in his wrist from soccer practice. He missed his game last weekend because of the bad hot dogs that he ate. He was super concerned about missing his 3 game in a row.

So we laid hands on him and prayed. We prayed throughout the day. I reminded him this was a faith walk and that we had to believe that God would heal his foot.

He woke up Sunday and felt better but didn't feel like he could play. His game didn't start until 5:30 that afternoon. As the day went on God continued to heal his foot.

As we drove to the game he complained of soreness in the foot. I told him we needed to praise God that he even had the chance to play after the pain he had yesterday and he said, "Dad, I've been doing that all day!"

At game time he felt no pain. NONE!

He started the game and played really well, although he didn't think so, and played with no pain. God had answered our prayers.

I filmed most of the game. We've been told by a friend to film as much as possible just in case Garrett's dream to be a pro in Brasil doesn't happen in the next 2-4 years. If not then we plan on sending in game film to coaches in the states in hopes of getting a full scholarship and then go to the pros.

So I made a little movie to show his sisters and Pops. I called Garrett in to check it out before I posted it. He did not like the idea at all because he said no one would want to watch a defensive player who, in his mind, didn't play well at all.

I said, "Are you kidding? Pops will love every minute of it." And he said, "True."

So thanks to Pops I'm allowed to share the following video of our future pro. I'm sure everyone will figure it out but he's number 4 in the white uniform.

He almost scored three times which is rare for a zagueiro (defender) to do in one game.

No matter what he says, we think he played great.  Are we biased? A little bit but so what?

His team won the game, 3-1.  They are in the semi-finals of three tournaments.  Garrett is really excited.

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