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Monday, October 01, 2012


If you follow this blog at all you've noticed that we haven't posted anything in a while. We've been busy with lots of good stuff and, honestly, the desire to be a regular blogger is waning. The desire may return full force. It may return sporadically or it may not return at all and we stop blogging. Who knows? We aren't sure yet. We'll just play it by ear. 

But, you guys will be blessed this week by Anderson. He's been our best blogger lately. 

My girlfriend was blessed with a week away at a spiritual retreat. She left this morning and will return home around midnight on Friday (prayers would be appreciated). There is a group in the states that has paid for her week, with lots of other missionaries, at a hotel by the ocean in São Paulo state. We only had to pay for the plane ticket to São Paulo airport. 

This will be a much need week of spiritual renewal. Honestly, my girlfriend is fried spiritually right now. I know she would welcome your prayers. 

She's really going to be blessed by the prayer/talking time with some Godly women (I'm jealous she gets to spend time with Dottie, Nancy and Ali-----three of my most favorite Christian women) who really understand her life. She will also be blessed by some good quiet time with God. I know the Spirit will renew and refresh her spiritually this week. 

We miss her but we are glad she's getting to do this for herself. It's rare that she does something for herself. She's always giving to her family (blood and spiritual) and never asks for anything. She's the most selfless person I know. I'm glad we encouraged her to be selfish this week and take care of herself and I'm glad she agreed.  

Back to Anderson. When he left for school today he began to cry thinking of not seeing his mom for a few days. Three weeks without her in August was still fresh on his mind. They made a promise again to blog to each other while she is gone. 

So, you guys will again get to read about the daily life and deep thoughts of Anderson. Here he goes:


Today we went to Paulinho's. It was Karen's birthday. So we gave her flowers. I gave her a picture and Grandmommy and Papa gave them chef hats.

Today I ate yogurt and decided to not eat it with a spoon but to drink it straight up. Giovanni had the same idea.

Today I thought there was soccer at Sogipa but instead I got a horrible time there. The practice was cancelled because of all the rain and I fell and did a flip. Now I have to put a band aid on my knee.

Love you and miss you,


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