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Tuesday, October 02, 2012



Today this morning I saw your flowers filled with spider webs and spiders. I shouldn't have said that.

Vera came today and made awesome food as always and she played a lot with Giovanni. It reminds me of me when I used to play with her. He even stayed home with her when I had soccer practice.

I had futsal today and I think I did the best at defense that I ever did.

Sorry most of the stuff that I'm saying doesn't make any sense at all.

Love you and miss you,


Gi's Blog:

Happy Birthday mom. You like Star Wars and you like Disney World and you like Cars 2 videos and you like costumes. 

I had a day of we didn't go to Paulinho's and then I went to school and then I played with Vera and then me and mano played little red riding hood and dinosaurs and that's all. 

Love you mom. 


P.S. And you like tackle it and you go to Disney World all by yourself and when you turn 5 you go to Disney World. Whoop!! (I'm sure our Aggie friends will love that last part.)


Gi still knows how to do his arm trick. It's still awesome. 

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The Blume Family said...

Dear Anderson and Giovanni,
Hi! Sorry I havent been able to do a blog for you. It is hard to get on the internet here. But thank you for telling me all about what you are doing. I am having a great time but I really miss you all. See you soon! love, mom