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Friday, October 12, 2012

Dia das Crianças

B and Ans,

Today, as you guys know so well, is kids day. We know you are sad, especially you Ans, not being able to get your Brasilian chocolate.

Here is what we looked like our first one here in 2002.

Four little sunburned goobers waiting to get their presents at Camboriú.

Here is what we looked like today.

Gi/Carys dubbed it silly hat morning. Not surprising. We know you miss that.

Couple of Andersonism/Giovannism's for your pleasure:

Anderson: "Dad if I wasn't your son and I was butter would you adopt me?"

And from Gi:
Carys: "Hey Gi, you have a band aid on your finger. Why?"
Gi: "It had bleed on it."

P.S. Garrett messed up ligaments in his wrist yesterday at soccer practice. A guy blasted a ball and hit his wrist while he was defending right in front of the goal. Mom took him to our neighborhood emergency clinic last night. Cast for a week and NO soocer. Garrett came home and called his coach and told him he would be ready to play in the big game tomorrow. Also not surprising.

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