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Thursday, December 06, 2012

10........007 Style


You know how the men in our house aren't big on dressing up right? Okay we hate it.

So it surprised us when Garrett said he wanted to go to a debutantes party at Sogipa. The fact that he wanted to go didn't surprise us but the dress code did. Especially that he still wanted to go after he found out what it was.

Why? It was a "smoking".

And he was excited. Weird right?

He and some friends went to pick them out one day. I went to pick him up from the store later and he said, "Dad, it was so cool. When I put it on I felt just like James Bond."

The night of the party came and I told him to call me when he was ready to come home and I would pick him up. He called at 5:00 and said he was on his way. I told him to wait and I'd walk to him since our street still had people hanging out and who were, most probably, a bit liquored up.

I got to the apartment gate and saw my son, bigger than me now, walking slowly up the street. Jacket over his shoulder. 007 style.

I started to get on him a bit for not waiting for me to come to him but then told him I understood because he was in 007 mode and he felt a little bigger, stronger and braver than usual. He just smiled.

Here is what he looked like at 5:00 that morning.

He was tired, ready for bed and wasn't happy with a 5:00 a.m. photo shoot but Mom made him promise to take a picture with his smoking on. We were in bed when he left and she was still asleep when he got home so I knew this was my only shot. He may never wear another one again in his life.

Remember how he dressed up when mom and Carys got home from taking you two goobers to college (click here for those that are still reading but don't remember)?

I can't promise he'll meet you guys at the airport (in 10 days!) with his smoking on but who knows?

We may all show up as secret agents......
......or as models.

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Cheryl said...

Looking good, Garrett! I personally like the sweats with the shirt and tie look from Gi.