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Saturday, December 08, 2012



One week from today you guys get on the plane to come home. We are kind of excited.

Today was the first day in a couple of weeks that we didn't have to make and bake tons of cookies to sell and so we are enjoying a more laid back kind of day.

So no pictures or big stories in your countdown today.

But, we did want to go ahead and get your minds ready for Blume family movie nights leading up to Christmas.

So we will now share our favorite Christmas movies that we plan on watching with you guys:

Quigs: "Merry Madagascar."

Anderson: "The Grinch." (to which Gi said "NOOOOOOOO!" after freaking out earlier in the day from just looking at the DVD box)

Carys: "The Grinch."

Garrett: "Elf."

Mom: "It's a wonderful life." (to which Garrett said "Yuk" and Anderson said "Humbug."

Me: "Elf. Of course."

You guys ready?

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