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Monday, December 10, 2012


Winnie and Ans,

Last week we needed help from the kids to get ready for the bazars and to keep them running.

Leni, as usual, was an amazing help to us but at times we needed even more help.

Putting cookies in bags. Taking cookies to school. Even selling cookies. Little things like that made a big difference in how everything functioned and the kids helped quite a bit.

Any idea who our best salesperson was? It was Anderson.

He really did a great job.

Last Friday afternoon he wanted to stay with mom at Dohms to help out.

While he was there a man came in with a bird on his shoulder. Mom called me to bring Gi down to see the man and his bird. I made the mistake of telling him the man was like a pirate. He didn't want to get close to the "pirate" after that. At least not for a while.

But Anderson had no problem. In fact, when we walked in to the school the mans little parrot was on Anderson's shoulder and Anderson was loving it.

He even let the bird bite his finger. I tried to film him doing it again but he was a little timid the 2nd time around.
The bird was awesome. He was calm and stayed on Anderson's shoulder forever.

Even though Gi never wanted the bird on his shoulder he at least was willing to get close to it.
On Sunday you will enter Pirate Land.

Just don't tell Quigs.

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