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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

4........Time for some Isms


You will be home in 4 days so we felt like you might need a refresher course in some family isms. Here we go:

Gi: "Every day my breath smells like gray."

Anderson: (walking into the our building and smelling something good) "Mmmmmm, something smells really good! It smells like....."
Gi: "Paper sauce!"

Gi: "Why does God make bunda behs on people every day?"

Anderson: "What would our bodies be like if we didn't have any hair?"
Mom: "Smooth."
Garrett: "Hairless."
Mom: "Bald."
Anderson: "Bald. Yeah, I was about to say bald."

Anderson: (at Gerald and Nicole's house for house church) "Can I have a cup of water?"
Me: "I don't know where any is. You need to go ask Nicole, it's her house."
Anderson: "It's just that his house smells like pasta and it's making me thirsty."

Anderson: "Hey dad, can two black people have a white kid?"
Me: "No."
Anderson: "Yeah, I didn't think so."

Anderson: "If I have a son and I live in Brasil his name will be either Vinicius, Lucas or Eduardo. If I live in the states his name will be Michael. I guess it depends on what my wife wants to call him. It will probably be 70% her choice and 20% my choice."

Mom: "Kevin, can you go to our email to activate Anderson's lego account?"
Me: "Sure. Okay Anderson it's asking for your password. What is it?"
Anderson: "Okay, type 'Cake is so good' with no spaces.

Gi: "I wish I could be a rock style."
Me: "A rock style?"
Gi: "Yes."
Me: "You mean like Harry Styles?"
Gi: "No like Garrett and you."
Anderson: "Hey what about me?"
Gi: "Yeah, you too."

Gi: "My bunda beh hurts."
Anderson: "Your bunda beh?"
Gi: "Yes. I have a cold."

Me: (watching Anderson cut something out for mom for the school bazar) "Do your absolute best on that bud."
Anderson: "As if I'm working for God!"

Me: (putting the boys down for the night) "Okay look at your room. See how it is? Mom and Vera worked hard on your room so let's keep it like this okay?"
Anderson: "Okay. I promise."
Me: "So I have your word then that you will keep it clean? (lots of silence) Anderson, do I have your word?"
Anderson: "I'm not sure you have my word."

Anderson: "Dad, what does cactus milk taste like?"

Carys: "Have you ever tried pootenesque cheese?"

Gi: "Hey dad, that lady was wearing her naked costume!!" (driving by a mannequin store)

Gi: "Hey mom, smell my knee and see what it smells like."
Mom: "It smells clean."
Gi: "No. It smells like bacon."

Me: "Are you going to cry at Bronwyn's wedding?"
Anderson: "I have a secret emotionalism in my system. So maybe."

Anderson: "If we were millionaires could we buy Cup Noodles again?"

Anderson: "My favorite animal is a dog."
Gi: "Mine is a red zebra."

Anderson: "Gi, you are a children. I'm a kid. Childrens are 6 and under.

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Bronwyn said...

I think I almost peed in my pants reading all those. Stephen said that Anderson's mind is his favorite mind in the whole world.