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Sunday, December 09, 2012


Dear Dorks,

In 7 days you will be home. Hard to believe. We are ready.

Yesterday we did something that I know you guys would have loved.

We put together the Christmas tree. It's probably the latest time of the year that we've ever done it. We just couldn't get on top of things before the Christmas bazars.

Wished we could have done it sooner but everyone had fun putting it together.

Gi got the camera for a bit and did his thing.

As it was going up mom realized that our lights had either gotten lost in the move to the apartment, we gave them to someone or they didn't work so we chunked them. We had no clue so we had to go get some new ones yesterday. We had to go to 5 stores before we found anyone that had the kind mom wanted. She wasn't being picky it's just that everyone was sold out.

We finally found them and came home and finished the tree.

I picked Quigs up to put the star on the tree.
He freaked out. You know his fear of that kind of stuff.

So I put him on my shoulder for some extra support.
He still didn't like it but he got the job done.

After it was done he played in his toy world for a while. I love it when he does that.
I think mom and your little peeps did a great job.

Garrett and Carys were actually the main two that had ants in their pants to put everything together.

Mom told everyone how much she missed you guys when she was putting up your ornaments.

It was a good Blume family tradition day.

It ended with Carys wanting to sleep on the couch to be close to the tree. She made sure the tree was lit up.
Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

i like how garrett is flexing for the camera in the first pic. lookin snazzy. - ans

Anonymous said...

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