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Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Everyone is getting ready for your visit.

Gi even went to Eliane yesterday for his first check up and to get his teeth all purdy for you guys.

He didn't kick off his shoes and go to sleep in the chair like Carys does but he did great and was super excited about getting a toothbrush from her after it was over. He even took it to school today because it was so cool.

No cavities and he also got this certificate.

He was all smiles when we saw him later.

I was a little upset with his mom though. She and Carys took Quigs to the dentist while Anderson and I went to the grocery store at the new mall next door.

When they came over she told me that Elaine had fixed his chipped front tooth for R$20. I told mom I was upset that she fixed it without asking me. I told her that chipped tooth gave him character. She looked at me and said, "He has enough character."

She was right. My man does have lotcha character!

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