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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Birthday Boy

Hard to believe but Anderson turns six today.

He was one of (we've had a couple) of our surprise babies.  We just knew we were done with having more kids after Carys was born.  God had other plans for our family and we are so thankful that He did.

I can vividly remember being on a date with my girlfriend and her saying that if she didn't know better she would have thought she was pregnant.  If my girlfriend feels pregnant it usually means she is.  So on our date we bought a pregnancy test.  It was positive.  We bought another on the way home.  As I was taking our babysitter home my girlfriend did another test.  Positive as well.  The next morning I walked in a huge rainstorm to get one more.  Positive.

Why three tests in 12 hours?  It wasn't that we wouldn't be happy with one more child or that we were hoping that we weren't pregnant. It's just that your system gets a little mini shock after living four and a half years just knowing that you aren't going to have any more kids and then finding out that you, in fact, are.  The shock lasted about half a day.  Everyone in our family was excited.

Nobody is more beautiful than my girlfriend when she's pregnant.  Some might say that's opinion.  I say it's fact.

The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth makes me wonder how can anyone doubt a Creator.

Eight months after our date night we were holding one more cute little boy.

Little did we know that he would be the most talkative, funny, quote machine that we have ever or will ever meet.

We are blessed to have Anderson in our family.

As is our tradition on birthdays, here are our thoughts about him on his special day:

Giovanni:  "I love Anderson.  I love to give him hugs.  I like it when he plays with me and reads books to me."

Carys:  "He's a really good brother and I love laughing together and he's really imaginative."

Garrett:  "I love him.  I hope he has a great birthday.  I like everything about him."

Ansley:  "He's funny and he always plays any kind of games I want to play with him.  He's a really good brother and I love him."

Bronwyn:  "Anderson is hilarious. He makes everyone laugh and he's super smart.  I love you Anderson!"

Benay:  "He is really, really special to me. I love his blue eyes, the funny things he says and spending time with him."

Me:  "I've never been around a kid who says more funny things than Anderson.  He has a great heart and already talks a bunch about being a Christian and about telling others about Jesus.  He definitely keeps things loose around this house.  We smile much more because of him.  He is a blessing."

Since my parents are here we asked them to be guest contributors.

Grandmommy:  "I love his smile, his blue eyes and he always has something intelligent to say.  He always has something to say and if you think about it, it usually makes sense.  He has a sweet personality and he always gives me hugs."

Papa:  "I can't wait to hear what he's going to say next.  He's very creative and has a little bit of a genius mind."

Happy Birthday Anderson!!


grace said...

Grace: "He's the best 6 year old boy that I know. I love talk to him cuz he always has something funny and smart to say (if you've ever talked to him you know what I mean)!"

Happy Birthday, Anderson gaúcho!
We love you!

Sascha said...

Happy birthday, Andersonzinho Gaucho!

Michael Green said...

I wish I could hear his great comments again!!! Happy birthday little man!!!

Paulo said...

habari gani Gaucho,this is your brother paulo renato happy birthday to you,I love you so much,Iam waiting to with you to Africa, and Africa is near.

Susan Doss said...

Happy Birthday Anderson! I wish I knew you like I know your oldest sister! I think you would keep me entertained!!!
Mrs. Doss