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Friday, April 02, 2010

For Bronwyn

Bronwyn we thought about you last night while we had our churrasco.

We thought about you this morning when we went to the park.

We thought about you today when we colored Easter eggs.

Although we later had some doubts about letting Grandmommy color eggs with us.  This was her creation.

Happy Bunny?

We are especially thinking about you right now as we watch Hotel Rwanda together.  Grandmommy and Papa haven't ever seen it and they wanted to know more about where you are and more about what happened there.

It's tough to watch but we are blessed in knowing that you are now there and are able to encourage and bless those (if it's only Claudine and her family then this trip was worth every penny) who suffered through this horrible thing.

We love you and are proud of you and know that God is using you to minister to everyone you meet.

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Bronwyn said...

thanks dad!