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Friday, November 19, 2010

5 Years Later-Part 2

There are four guys in our house church family that like to run.

My brothers Sergio, Matt, João Spencer and myself. I shared a little bit about our running history on one of our old blogs. Click here if you want to read about that (Part 1). 

Last week we ran one last time together. It was a revezamento (or relay team) of a full marathon. That meant we each ran a little more than 10.5 km. 

We didn't win but we did okay. We never really worry much about our time. We always get in a little circle and pray before every race (we do that whether it's 2 of us or all 4 in a race). We always pray to have fun, to be safe and to run to give God the glory. 

I mentioned one last time because João and his family are moving from our city next month and Matt and his wife are moving to the states in January. 

I'm really going to miss those guys. At our last celebration they both talked about their families leaving. It was kind of emotional. While Matt was talking, Benay leaned over to me and said, "I'm going to cry when Matt leaves." We feel that way about both families. 

It's going to be weird without them here. They've been a big part of our lives but it's like João said that celebration Sunday, "It's time for God to open up a new chapter in our lives and for the life of this church family as He sends us to a new city to do His work and as He keeps bringing new people in like Freitas to do His work here in POA." I could not of said it better. 

I feel blessed that our running group got together one last time. In this photo (if you've never met my brothers), going left to right, Sergio is in the blue shirt with João next to him and Matt on the end. 

God has really used these men to bless my life in so many different ways. I know I am a more spiritual person because of my time with them. 

Please remember Matt and João and their families in your prayers as they begin God's work in other cities. And please pray for us and for Sergio as we continue His work here in our city. 

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