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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Special Delivery

It's always fun for us to get a package from someone, anyone really, in the United States.

Yesterday we got one from Bronwyn. Between studying hard, hanging with her friends and doing the whole college freshman thing she went out and made a special gift box for her family.

The kids, as usual, had a ball tearing into it.
 The bigger kids tagged the chocolate products.
Giovanni tagged the candy corn.......
.......while his brother just smiled as he read and reread your hand written note.
Mom was even excited about the box. In her own special way.
.....and my teeth are already a purplish/blueish color from all the blueberries.

Thanks Bronwyn.


Bogdan Burca said...

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Bronwyn said...

I'm so glad it finally got there! I was worried. Love you!