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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mark and Ali

Some of our most favorite people in the world are Mark and Ali. You can type in their names at the top left part of this page if you want to read our past posts about them.

They live in the state of São Paulo in a city called Itu.

We met them about three years ago and immediately fell in love with them.

They've come to our house a couple of times. Bronwyn and Ansley stayed with them earlier this year when they took the ACT. We've talked about taking vacations together.

We love them because they are fun, really fun, to be around. We love them because they understand being the church instead of playing the church. We love them because they go about God's business in a humble, loving way. We love the way they treat everyone. No judgments or skepticism. We love them because they do exactly what the Spirit tells them to do. We love them because they love those that no one else loves.

It's one thing to say you are a Christ follower. It's another to be Christ to everyone.

Mark and Ali show and are Christ to everyone they meet, especially in their city.

Ali recently wrote a paper for a class she is taking and Mark decided to share it on their blog.

You need to click here to read it.

You will be blessed and, hopefully, moved in your heart to be radical for Jesus.

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