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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This past Sunday we had a special time in our house church.

We actually had 3 house churches together to be with João and Clarice and their boys one last time before they move to Brasilia.

People shared from their hearts what João and Clarice meant to them. João and Clarice shared. People cried and hugged and prayed with them one last time.

I've shared before but I can't tell you what this family has meant to our family.

Our teammate Matt led a strong prayer to close our time together. He prayed for their new baby Levi. He prayed for each family member and their upcoming move. He thanked God for how He used them here and how He will use them in their new city.

We will miss them but it was a happy time.

In sharing from her heart, my girlfriend brought in a big spool of yarn. She showed everyone about an inch of it and said, "This is our life on earth." She then showed the rest of the yarn and said, "This is eternity. Even if we never see João and Clarice again on earth, we get to spend eternity with them."

Very cool and very true.

God was with us on Sunday and we were all blessed.

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