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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy Weekend-Part 2 Squared

We shared yesterday about the race on Saturday. Today we are going to share, mainly in video form (otherwise known as letting the grandparents get their fill of seeing some of their grandkids), about what we did later.

Did I mention that even Ronald McDonald ran? He was super helpful to the little girl who lost one shoe, then the other but never stopped running.

Giovanni calls him McDoctor. We have no idea why.

After the races the kids had lots of play time on the infield of the track.

The main sponsor, McDonalds, and others had set up food tents and games there for the kids who ran the races and their families.
So, we had lots of free hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream cones to eat. Lots of good, healthy things to refuel your body after a race.

 Did I mention there was ice cream?

They also had trampolines......
......inflatable slides......

........and a bungee. This was Carys' thing. Carys has never been afraid of anything like this in her entire life. She rode a rollercoaster that dropped 24 stories when she was 8 and she laughed the entire time. So when the guy said, "Do you want to go really high or just do small jumps?", it was kind of like a "DUH!" question for Carys. The higher the better.

We took it all in.

Giovanni had fun with the fake smile and balloon hat. He wasn't interested in the people making them and giving them out but he liked them after they gave them to us.

He then made everyone else use them.

Ansley is our resident computer nerd, photographer, movie maker. She has a gift with stuff like that.

She had a lot of babysitting duties this past Saturday morning as we had lots of stuff going on at the same time. As we were hanging out on the infield she starting making short movies of what she called, "The worst videos ever." I think it helped her kill some of the boredom of watching the little kids do all the fun stuff. One of the things you'll notice is that Giovanni HATES characters. Like Ronald McDonald or any other person in a costume. He's always been afraid of them. I understand. When I was a kid I hated them as well. I'm still not comfortable around them. I'm with Giovanni, they are creepy.

Anyway, here are all the clips from her movies. She calls them the worst videos ever. I call them 4 minutes of artistic awesomeness.

We actually stayed until they were taking everything down.

It was a fun morning/early afternoon.

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