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Wednesday, May 04, 2011



We had a Gre-Nal on Sunday. We won in the penalties. So we won the second half of the Gauchão.

Just a reminder that now we play gremio this Sunday at home and then next Sunday at their place (you'll actually get to see it with us) to decide the champions of the Gauchão since they won the first half.

If we both pass our Libertadores games tonight then we we'll play them next week at their place and the following week at Beira-Rio. The game at Beira Rio tonight, against Peñarol, is a sell out. We didn't get our tickets in time but Anderson and I are talking about using our free ticket from Junior to go. We'll see if he can stay awake.

So we will have 3 Gre-Nal games for sure in 3 weeks and possibly 2 more. Either way it's going to be wild.

How awesome would that be if your first game back to see in person ended up being a Gre-Nal for the Libertadores in Beira-Rio?

As Anderson would say, "Smoking awesome!"

Here are the gols from Sunday's game.

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