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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Busy Weekend-Part 7 for Machado (The Finale)

So this is the last post about Huckle's busy weekend.

And this post is for my great friend Machado.

I will try to share more about him and his family but for now this post is about a soccer game that took place during that weekend.

It was the final of our state championship. It may not sound like a big deal to an American but it's a big deal to a Brasilian.

It's a tournament played at the first of every year to see who is the best team in the state. The winner is usually our team, Internacional, or the other team in our city, gremio.

We, as you know, are fans of Inter. Machado is a fan of gremio.

I really like Machado because he's a gremista (name of fans of gremio) but he's not obnoxious. He's gone with me to a couple of games in our stadium when we played other teams. We lost both games so I told him he's never going back with me.

Machado now lives in another town outside of our main city. About 30 minutes away by car. We don't get to see him and his family as often as we would like so when there is a chance to be together we take it.

A couple of weeks ago he called to tell me the volleyball team that he coaches had a game close to our house. So I went to go see him.

The final of state championship is a home and home deal. When I went to go see Machado it was in the middle of the two games and gremio had gone into our stadium and beaten us 3-2. It was highly probable that they were going to win the championship because we had to go into their stadium the following Sunday and win by 2 to be champs. Super tough to do for us. A score of 3-2 for us would make us go to the penalties.

So we lost at home to our biggest enemies and 4 days earlier we got put out of the biggest tournament in South America. Again at home. We were playing like, well, like a bunch of Norte Americanos.

When I went to his game we only got to talk briefly. It went like this:

Machado: "Hey my friend how are you?"
Me: "I'm good. How about you?"
Machado: "I'm good (smiling). I don't see much about your team?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Machado: "On your blog. I don't see you saying much anymore about your team (smiling)."
Me: "You're right. We stink right now. I don't see how we are going to beat you guys in your stadium. It's going to be tough (angry that I have to admit this)."
Machado: "You're right my friend. It will be tough but anything can happen."
Me: "I don't think so. Not this time. I think you guys will be champs."

Sunday's game came around and guess what happened?

We won 3-2, went to the penalties and won.

It was an amazing game. It's easy for our fans to say how great it was because we won but it really was. Even my gremista friends were saying that's one of the best championship game they've ever seen. Sports guys on the radio were saying it's the best finals they've ever seen. It wasn't dirty, it was good football and it was super exciting.

So Machado, my friend, I know you wanted to win but I also know, as a good soccer coach, you appreciate good, tough gaúcho football and I know you are proud of your team for the way they played.

So this video is for you to remind us of a great gaúcho final.

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