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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day-Part 2

So we have a child coming home this Sunday. She's been in the states at college and she's missed out on a lot (birthdays, mother's day, Andersonisms, etc) this semester.

She's in the middle of finals week as well and so the next few days will be to fill her in and, hopefully, give her some giggles during the stress of test week. 

Here is a nutshell view of mom's mother's day weekend. I'm going to share in mainly video with a few pics thrown in. 

Anderson's Mother's Day presentation at school on Friday:
Followed by Carys running in the finals at her school's track meet (complete with your mom yelling for her). 
She won her first heat and came in 4th in the finals. Against much bigger girls I might add. She's started taking track and field this year. Her teacher told us last week that Carys is the fastest girl in her class. Impressive. 

On Sunday, as you know our tradition, your mom got to pick out her day. 

We had our worship service on Saturday night instead of Sunday so that everyone could enjoy time with their families. 

Because we didn't have to get ready for a houseful of people your mom chose to just relax the whole day. She just wanted to enjoy some family time around the house. Nothing special. 

So, while mom and I did some laps around the park, Ansley fixed her some awesome blueberry, cinnamon muffins. 
She had a little help from her junior baking associate. So little, in fact, that I'm pretty sure this is the only help he gave. Putting on Garrett's cooking hair net and posing for the picture. 
Giovanni, as is becoming his/our custom, said a special prayer before we ate our breakfast. 
We then went to Espetão do Forte to pick up lunch. 

Before we ate lunch Giovanni wanted to pray again. This time was a little more difficult because he had already started eating his churrasco and his mouth was full of meat. But he got the job done. 
We then had present time. 

Giovanni had to get in on every present. Whenever your brothers and sisters gave their presents he had to give a kiss to mom after they did. Garrett made sure Giovanni did it even after he got sidetracked.
As you can tell from the video it's the season for mom to wear lots of clothing. It was about 70 degrees (so cold!) and, as you can see, she has long pants on, sweatshirt and used the scarf that Carys gave her. We are entering the season of hearing (5x a day) how cold she is.

Anyway, after lunch she really enjoying speding time with you on skype.
She,Garrett and Anderson then went and picked some of our lemons to make some lemonade.
She rounded out the day doing what she said she really wanted to do.

Reading a book.
Okay, so it wasn't without some help but she did get to sit down to read a little. 

All in all, it was a great day and, believe it or not, fairly relaxing for her. 

And kind of tiring.

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