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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tooth Fairy


Anderson has had a front tooth ready to come out for a few days. He's been a little fearful (you know that's a nice way of explaining what captain dramatic can do in a situation like this) of the "yanking" to get a tooth out.

I tried pull it but when I had to tug a little bit he chickened out.

Carys (the queen of pulling her own teeth out) then tried to pull it and then tried to teach Anderson her technique. He chickened out.

So he waited. And waited.

Yesterday I picked up Giovanni and your mom picked up Anderson. When I got in the car mom said that Anderson had some good news and bad news.

The good news?

His buddy Lucas helped him pull his tooth at school.

The bad news?

His teacher had wrapped it up in a napkin and stapled it to his agenda. How is that bad news?

When he got in the car it was gone. He was shook up. We went back to the school and mom and Anderson went back in to look for it. No luck.

The only thing we can think of is that a curious friend opened his agenda and either took it out or it fell out. Mom said the falling out was unlikely after she looked at how good Vanessa (his teacher) had stapled it in there.

So we might be dealing with a tooth thief.

Why was he so upset? He was worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't come because there was no tooth.

Mom told him of the time she swallowed one of her teeth and the tooth fairy still came.

That made him feel better. He loosened up a little bit, in his way, and allowed us to take some pictures.
He then went to soccer practice and scored a goal and almost scored 2 more so that helped him get out of his mini-funk.

He came home after practice and wrote a note of explanation (complete with who he thought was the tooth thief) to the Tooth Fairy.
He woke up and found 7 reais AND stickers AND a note from the Tooth Fairy.

All it all it turned out to be a great day even with someone stealing his tooth.


Kim said...

Love that story...especially his note. It does seem like the tooth fairy in Brazil writes a lot like a lady I knew from a cool company called "Adventures in Reading."

Fred Collinsworth said...

That's one cool tooth fairy! She even left a note just to cheer Anderson up! It's good that he still ended up smiling, even after he got his tooth stolen at school. Even though that was the case, congratulations to Anderson for getting one step closer to big boy world!