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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Weekend-Part 2

Carys takes a track and field class after school. She loves it and we love her teacher. Her name is Martina and she is a great coach.

This past Saturday morning there was a race day at a local club. It was sponsored by McDonald's and it was to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

Martina was given some invitations to give to kids and she invited Carys and Anderson to run in the race.

Our whole family went (besides Garrett who was in another part of our state at a soccer championship and Bronwyn who was getting ready to get on a plane to come to Brasil) and we had a great day.

Ansley helped Anderson get ready for his race.

Here is his race.

Then it was Carys' turn to race.

I love seeing her and one of her best friends, Sâmia, holding hands before the race.

I also love hearing the PA guy calling out her name at the end to encourage her. He says that she's an American, says her name, says "Vamos" (which means let's go in Portuguese), tells her to look to the front towards the finish line and then says "Let's go....go, go, go" (in English) at which time Carys starts running much faster. If you've ever run a race then you know how someone yelling your name and encouraging you at the end of a race gives you an extra boost.

This is Carys and Anderson with Martina.

The kids had a great time, it was for a great cause and we got to spend good family time together.

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