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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bronwyn Stuff

You may have noticed that we have a new header on this blog.  That comes courtesy of Bronwyn who did that in Rwanda and then sent it to me to make the switch.  For some reason the header we've had for the last couple of months was driving her crazy.  We received a few emails from her asking us to change it because she was tired of it.  When we didn't respond in a manner that she felt was timely she took matters into her own hands and sent us new pictures.

She's a little bit weird like that.

You have one fan already Bronwyn.  Chelsey immediately noticed the change and said she likes it. 

Did you know that Bronwyn now has a job in Rwanda?  Click here and read the last couple of blog entries to find out about it.

She is going, next week, to a women's conference in Kenya.  She said it's in a place that's like a rain forest.  The week after that she may be able to go on a safari.  After that she'll return back to her new job.

She's having a great time with the Koonce family and is loving her experience.

It's very cool to see how God is using her for His kingdom in Rwanda.  

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Michael Green said...

chelsey is just a suck up... dont let her fool you!