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Thursday, March 18, 2010

For the Girls

This blog post today is mainly for my girlfriend and my daughter.  The two moms of this family.  They are beginning to offend me with the daily emails I'm receiving asking if Giovanni is eating enough.  My daughter even asked if he is still chunky.  Like that's going to go away in the three days that I've been Mr. Mom.  Somehow they think that since they are both in other countries right now I'm going to forget to feed our kids......especially Giovanni.  Oh.....I'm supposed to feed him when he's hungry too?  Every day?  I thought it was just the older ones.  Maybe that's why he's been screaming so much.  Thanks for the reminders!

So as a little proof that your baby is okay I am including pictures (along with some funnies from the week).

The kids, for the most part, have been good.  There have been some spats between those who normally fight but in general everyone has been good.

Carys has been my best baby sitter so far.  Here is an action shot:

I still have no idea why Giovanni's shorts are on her head.  He seemed to like it though.  She read quite a few books with the shorts on head look.

She really has done a great job but babysitting is a tiring job.
This picture has nothing to do with anything.  I just thought you girls would like it.

Okay here are your proof of nourishment shots:

Notice the chocolaty happy smile?  It's a breakfast bar.....not cookies.  Relax.  He's doing fine girls. You can breathe easier.

Of course right as I was telling Freitas this morning about your concerns of his eating enough Giovanni started trying to bite the straps on his sandals.  Great timing.  Freitas thought it was funny.

Do you want to guess where Giovanni ate the most food?  Paulinho's of course.  He ate his weight in beans and rice and bife.

Some other family updates from our week:

There was also a minor emergency in our house on Tuesday.  I had to get some tweezers and get a thorn our of Anderson's (cover your eyes mom and mother-in-law) nipple.  I had to say it.  That's where the thorn was.

We have no idea how it got there but the kids, and even Anderson, got a good laugh out of it.

Anderson asked me this week if Supra is two times bigger than Mega.  I told him yes.  Am I right?  He then asked where Ultra fit into that discussion.

Yesterday at Paulinho's he asked if he was eating animal fish or just fish.  I wasn't sure so I asked Carys. She said animal fish.  Anderson said it was so much better than just regular fish.

The Tooth Fairy has been to our house twice this week.  For Carys both times.  I know that isn't that big of a deal but you need to understand this 11 year old.

I have been the official teeth puller in this family forever.  Benay and blood and the noises just don't mix.  Everyone has let me pull their teeth until Carys.  I pulled her first one but haven't been allowed to pull any since then.  Why?  She pulls them all herself.  Since she was 5-6 she has pulled every tooth herself except for that first one.  None of our other kids have had any interest in doing that.

The other night she came into our room and told me she would let me pull her loose tooth out.  I was pretty happy.  Here's the space from where I pulled it.

Last night as we were watching a movie she looked at me, smiled and showed me another tooth she pulled out.  Pulled it out during the movie without making a peep.  She's just kooky.  Here's the space from that one.

She's assured me that I'll get one more crack at the 3-4 baby teeth she has left.

Carys called me "a cobrar" from school today because she forgot her shorts.  Want to guess the name she used?  Julia Brasil.  That sounds right for Carys doesn't it?

Hope you girls now feel updated a little bit and can stop sending me your harassing emails about my son.

He's doing fine but I do know he misses you both.

He loves talking to you Bronwyn on skype and Benay he wakes up from his naps saying "mama." He even said it this morning at 2:20 when he thought it was time to get up.

This is what will be waiting for both of you when you come home.
We love you girls!


Bronwyn said...

he's SO CUTE!! and tell anderson i'm sorry about his nipple. i miss you all!

Anonymous said...

You might be feeding him, but have you washed his hands since Benay has been gone?

Tricia (aka Shorty)

The Blume Family said...

Thank you so much! That gave me a good laugh for the day and made me miss everyone so much! I'll see you tomorrow night! Love you all!

Blume Family said...

Okay Shorty, in my defense, nobody told me I had to feed him AND wash his hands.

Sascha said...

that kid looks horrible in blue. sure, you're feeding him. but, dude, clothe the child properly!!

Blume Family said...


It's definitely not gremio blue. It's the shade of blue that says "I was bought for $5 at an outlet store in Florida." That's the only color of blue I would put on my child.

You know we still bleed Inter red.

Thanks for your Colorado concern though brother.

Susan Doss said...

The pictures are so cute. Y'all are too funny! I especially like the one of their hands together while the slept! Okay girls, I think Dad has everything under control so have a good time and sleep easy!!