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Monday, March 29, 2010

Visitors coming!

We are so excited that Grandmommy and Papa (Kevin's parents) are coming to visit us this week!  We have been anxiously awaiting for everything to work out for their visit.  Papa needed a new Brazilian visa, but it arrived today - JUST in time for them to leave tomorrow. Whew!

Please pray for their safety and also for ease in travel.  If you have ever made international flights, you know that sometimes they can be a headache.  This time the grandparents are flying on stand-by because some of their friends set them up with some FREE tickets.  So, please pray that they would be able to get on every flight that they need and make it here Wednesday without any trouble at all.

Also, Bronwyn made it safely back from her retreat in Kenya.  She has some new pictures on her blog.  Keep her in your prayers as next week she will go on a camping/safari trip and will be going on a gorilla watching trip the week after that!  This week is a national holiday in Rwanda to honor those who were killed in the genocide.  I'm sure that many are suffering remembering that terrible tragedy.

Thanks for your prayers for all of these things.  We'll let you know when the grandparents arrive safely.

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