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Saturday, March 27, 2010

More From Anderson

My good friend Freitas came over to help me this afternoon.  I had gone to his hardware store this morning to get some things for some projects I wanted to do around the house.  After he closed his store he came over to help me.

When he comes over to do projects I'm kind of like the surgeon's assistant.  I help when I can but end up supplying the tools or securing something while he does the work.  We are a good team.  We always have fun together. We laugh a lot.

Anderson likes being around Freitas as well.

As we worked on our outside projects today Anderson hung out with us.  If you hang out with Anderson for longer than five seconds then you will hear some funny stuff.

Here are a couple of good Andersonisms that stuck out to me today:

"Hey dad, did you know if you hit a hammer on a white wall it will leave an orange mark like a Dorito?"

I noticed the hammer next to him and quickly checked the white wall for some kind of orangish Dorito looking mark.  Whatever that might mean. Thankfully I didn't find one.  Guess he was just playing it out in his mind what it might look like if he tagged the wall with the hammer. 

Later as I was doing some work in the rain Anderson came up and, while standing and looking up at the sky, started this conversation:

Anderson: "Dad is rainwater fresh?"
Me:  "Yes."


If you know Anderson then the word silence means he's either left you and the conversation to go to another place or he's dead, which I guess would also be another place.  Those are the only two options.  Silence and Anderson just don't happen together. I turned around and saw him on all fours, bent over drinking water from a puddle that had formed on the ground."

Me:  "Anderson, knock it off.  Don't do that.  That water isn't fresh.  It's on the dirty ground where the dogs goof around.  It's only fresh if you catch it falling from the sky. Go inside and get a cup and come back out and catch the rain in the cup so you can drink it. You don't need to drink it off the ground.  That's nasty."
Anderson:  (on his way inside to get a cup) "I know dad.  I wasn't drinking it.......I was licking it."

Okay.  My mistake.


Jennifer said...

I'm so relieved that he was only licking it. :)

Chelsey said...

Oh my gosh!! I was seriously doubled over laughing at this post. Anderson has to be the most random/hilarious kid I've ever known.

Ok, so I swore I already posted this comment...but when I came back to show a friend this post,it was here,so my apologies if it shows up twice :)

Michael Green said...

Mental note... Do not read the blumes blog during church... Especially when it obtains andersonisms. I couldn't stop laughing!!! Miss you guys!