"Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words." Saint Francis of Assisi

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just Stuff

Bronwyn hasn't tried the milk in Rwanda yet.  It's fresh milk from cows (not goats) and she said it smells like grass.  She hasn't gotten the courage yet to try it.

Ansley just started her senior year in high school.  Hard to believe that in August of 2011 we will have two kids in college.  Hard to believe because Benay and I believe we are still in our early 30's (shut up Kirkman, Holman, Birdwell, Hill and Adkins)

Garrett, Carys and Anderson just started the new school year, last week, at a new school.  They love it.  They are also learning German in this school and are teaching the rest of us a few words. Thanks for the prayers for their new school.  It's already been a big blessing to our family.

Garrett is looking for a new soccer school.

Carys has a birthday coming up next week and is very excited because she has her first school locker.  She also informed us that she wants to take karate or fencing this year (this could change in an hour).

Anderson is also looking for a soccer school because, as he told us last week, "He was made for soccer."  He came out of school the other day and said, "Ah, the smell of freedom."  We still aren't sure what that meant.  He's been complaining that, so far, in his school they mainly do fun stuff (like playing soccer) and not any homework or studying.  Complaining that there is too much sports and that there isn't school work?!  Paternity test to come.  This can't be my son.

Giovanni calls his shoes "ffffffffff" and he likes to say no to lots of things now.  He says "ney" for no.

Benay and I had a little mini retreat one afternoon this week to talk about where we felt God was leading us and what we felt He was asking us to do.  We already had supper with some Christian friends of ours to plan an attack on enemy strongholds this year.   We look forward to the challenges and victories God has planned for us in 2010.


Michael Green said...

Hey!! Fencing was probably the best kine I took here!! I loved it. Swords (foils) are way better than numchucks!!

Kim said...

Will you be alive in Aug 2111?

Blume Family said...

Okay Kim. You've been married to Brett for too long.

I expect it from him but from you?

What's bad is I didn't, obviously, see that when I typed it. Then I read your comment and I didn't even pick up that you were cracking on my goof. That's bad. Ansley had to point it out to me later.

But, I might actually live until 2111. You don't know.

Anyway, I changed it so there is no more proof.