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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Twenty years ago yesterday (sorry I missed your day B) my girlfriend gave birth to our first child.

It's hard to believe how fast 20 years can go by.

We have a tradition. You know the deal. Here we go:

Giovanni:  "Braween at colwedge." (he says that all the time)

Anderson: "I miss her. She's one of my favorite sisters. I've always liked her. She's still nice even if she doesn't go to Inter games with me. I hope she doesn't feel sad because she's growing 20 because she thinks she's kind of old now that she's 20. I love her."

As a birthday bonus I have a little Andersonism conversation on your birthday just for you:

Anderson: "Wouldn't you be mad if Bronwyn was hiding something from you while she's in the states?"
Me: "Yes I would but Bronwyn doesn't hide stuff from us. She's never hidden stuff from us."
Anderson: "Yeah but what if she was hiding something from you and mom."
Me: "Like what?"
Anderson: "Like what if she is hiding a boyfriend. What if she didn't tell you that she has a boyfriend. Would you be mad?"
Me: "Bronwyn wouldn't hide that from us. She'd tell us if she has a boyfriend."
Anderson: "I think she is hiding it because she so has a boyfriend."
Me: "How do you know? Has she told you?
Anderson: "No. I just know that she has one."

Anything you need to tell us Bronwyn?

Carys: "I love her a lot. She's one of my best friends and I could never live without my movie partner."

Garrett: "I love her a lot and she's the best sister in the world and the nicest sister in the world and the sweetest sister in the world. I miss her a lot. And she is really hot." (Okay, he's a little weird.)

Ansley: "Hey Beebs, I miss you a lot! I love how we can talk about anything and how you always help me and give me advice. I hope you had the best day ever yesterday!!! Love you!! "

Girlfriend: "I miss you Bronwyn.  When you get home, let's sew, do crafts, go drink coffee and eat croissants, try new recipes and talk, (oh yeah, and exercise, of course...)  I hope your birthday was great!  I love you!" (check out her blog to read more of her thoughts.....click here)

Me: "Being the oldest has meant that Bronwyn has gotten lots of responsibilities dumped on her over the years. She's never flinched. She's mature beyond her years. I love how she sees the good in everyone and how she shows Jesus to everyone around her. I love that she easily laughs at herself and never takes herself too seriously. I love that she loves to go to soccer games with her brothers. I love how she values family time. I love that she doesn't try to impress or fit in with the "cool group".....she is who God made her and she's fine with that.  I love that she has a servant heart. I love that she lives for Jesus."

 We love you Dork!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin. Very nice the Browyn's birthday greeting of you people. It is nice to see how much you guys love her and each other. I love to see the Andersonisms,lol.

From your friend and brother in Christ.