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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cheaters? Of course!!


I didn't get to blog about what I wanted to blog about today. Not enough time.

So I'm improvising.

Last night Gremio won the first part of the Gauchão. They played Caxias and they played here in POA.

Caxias was winning until the 50th minute of the second half.  That's right the 50th minute.

The juiz gave EIGHT minutes of acréscimo. That's right EIGHT minutes.

It's the only thing everyone radio station talked about today. The sports show guys said they had never seen anything like that.

So, our team had to celebrate with gremio, in our own way, and, of course, it was awesome.
P.S. Grace, your team cheats.


Bronwyn said...

Dumb gremistas. Even the juizes in their games are yucky. Yeah Grace, way to be for a cheating team.

Grace said...

Hey, my team doesn't cheat! It's not our problem if the juiz thought they should play for 8 more minutes.

Ps.: miss you Bronwyn!!!