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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God's Cool Family

We moved to Brasil in 2002.

At that time we had a man who helped us out with everything we needed to get settled into our new home. Car hunting, getting light and water bills for our apartment put into our names, furniture purchases...you get the picture. He was an amazing blessing to our family.

One day we were downtown with him and his daughter. His daughter was around 14ish at that time. Anyway, we walked her to a bus stop and she got on by herself to go home while we continued doing what we needed to do downtown.

My girlfriend and I both looked at each other and talked about how scary that would be to put one of our kids on a bus like that when they were that age.

We didn't grow up in big cities and we didn't know anyone who used public transportation. I think just arriving in Brasil and thinking of putting our kids on a bus by themselves was a little overwhelming to us at that time.

Bronwyn, Ansley and Garrett have now all taken city buses by themselves. In fact, Ansley now gets on a bus going downtown every week.

Why? She has a job teaching English.

She actually has two jobs with two different companies. She is taking a year off before she goes to college and so she is making some money to help with college expenses.

My girlfriend and I prayed before she got a job that God would give her the perfect job. Something that she would really enjoy. Some place that would be fun and safe. A place where she could grow.

We weren't worried about her finding a job. She's intelligent, pretty, funny, fun and mature. Great things to be when you are looking for that first job.

What we wanted was for her to be happy and she has been happy with both jobs.

Yesterday around lunch time I was at the kids' school waiting to pick them up.

I got a text mail from Ansley that said, "Say a prayer for me whenever you read this please! I'll tell you about it when I get home."

I was, to say the least, curious about what could be happening. I texted her back to let her know that we were praying and for her to give whatever it was over to God. Easier said than done sometimes.

We found out later that one of her students (a young lady) complained to Ansley's boss, Liliane, that Ansley didn't know what she was doing as a teacher. Why? She had asked Ansley to give her the rule for whatever they were studying in English.  Ansley told her that there wasn't really a rule for that and there weren't rules for everything in English the girl didn't like it and went to complain to Ansley's boss. (She is used to portuguese, a language FULL of rules to follow...)

The reaction of Ansley's boss?

She told Ansley that she was doing great and to not worry.

She then told Ansley that the only person she needs to worry about is God. That she only works for God.

I was floored when I heard this. I had no idea that Liliane was a Christian.

Ansley said she encourages her all the time and gives her hugs.

In our nine years here we've known many people who talk about God but, to be honest, it's hard to find many people who have an actual relationship with His Son.

And to find an honest boss who puts God first? Well, let's just say that is even tougher to find.

And for Ansley to happen to be working for someone who has a relationship with Christ and who is an honest and puts God first? I could not even tell you the odds of that happening in our city. But they are one in a number with a few zeros behind it.

It shows us how good God is and how faithful He was to our prayer requests.

Ansley said she and Liliane have faith conversations while at work.

It's an amazing thing God did in bringing Ansley to this language school.

We had never even heard of it before. Ansley actually found it online as she looked for jobs to apply for.

We would appreciate prayers for Ansley and her continued safety as she travels in the city teaching english.

We would also ask that you pray for her and Liliane as they continue to be the light to their students and co-workers.

She could be working anywhere but God led her to just the right place for her first job with a sister in Christ.

God's is very cool and so is His family.


Bronwyn said...

That's really cool! I'm glad Ans has a good place to work.

the Jewell family said...

How great is that!

Oh, and I like to tell people when they ask what the rule is, "Because I said so."