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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Trip-Avenida Atlântica


You know we were thinking of you as we were eating on your favorite street in Camboriu.

Here's a little tour of what you missed:

We found a place that claimed to have "The best burger in the world."
I don't know about the world, but me and mom decided they were the best burgers in Brasil so we went back. Your brothers and sisters, however, thought McDonald's was better. They didn't go back. They are weird.

We found this little fish place.
We went mainly because Quigs was starving and we needed some beans and rice.

While he ate his beans and rice the rest of us waited for our food.

Some waited at the table...
....Garrett waited on the beach and took in a pick up game.
It was good food. Giovanni gave the beans and rice two thumbs up.
One night we went off the beach and ate in town. We were celebrating mom's birthday again with just our family after her real birth day birthday party in Tatui.

We had seen signs about a "Real American Steakhouse" and since we had picked right on the burgers we thought we'd try our luck with the steakhouse.

We got to eat in a teepee....
The food was "average"......
........which got downgraded to "never going there again" when me and mom suffered through the night with stomach pains.

But we were there mainly for the birthday and mom had a good night.
The American Steakhouse experience and our trip to a "Mexican" restaurant were our only misses of the week.  The "mexican" restaurant was in the same place as the one we had liked last time we went there, but it is different now - very average and too expensive.

So we went back to the beach and to what Camboriu does best.....seafood.

We went back to where we had Carys' birthday supper on your graduation trip. Do you remember the place?
Everyone ate enough shrimp for you (even though, as you know, they are poop eaters/bottom feeders but whatever).

Hope you enjoyed your photo tour of what you missed.


the Jewell family said...

"Best Burgers in the World". Is that like "World's Best Cup of Coffee"? The seafood is definitely the way to go in that town and thanks for rubbing my nose in the fact that I missed out. Although, we did find a really great Columbian food restaurant last night right here in sunny Boca.

Blume Family said...


We are just curious. What exactly do you order at a Columbian restaurant? We have some ideas but we're pretty sure they are wrong.

P.S. I'm pretty sure Buddy would think that our place had the best burger in Brasil.