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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guy Night

Back in 1994 I went to the Ukraine on a short term mission trip.

My roommate while there was a man in his seventies. I had grown up in the same church family with him my whole life but really got to know him the best when we were roomies for close to three weeks.

One day he started talking about my girlfriend. About how pretty she was, how awesome a mom and wife she was and how God had given me her as a special gift to take care of.

I agreed. He continued.

He then told me that I needed to take her on a weekly date night. To be just boyfriend/girlfriend and not mom and dad. To get away for just a few hours a week to keep the fires lit.

Best marital advice I've ever been given.

We've had a weekly date night since that time.

We also try to have "girls night" and "guy night."

Our schedules, and budget, don't allow us to do that very often but last night was a night for me and the boys.

We decided to go to a "Mexican" (Brasilians don't do hot food so it was the best we can find in our city) restaurant and watch the Inter game. We don't have cable. The game was on cable and so it was a perfect excuse for us to hang out together.  The game started at 7:30 instead of the normal time of 9:50 so it looked to be a great time for all of us to stay awake until the end.

We ate here:
When eating Mexican food here you have to get your mind ready to the fact that it's not really going to be Mexican food. I mean they try, but it's just not the same. But after you haven't eaten Mexican food for a while our stuff can taste okay.

As we  ate the beef tacos (with no beef....just cheese) and the cheese nachos (with mainly big blobs of cheese) we agreed that my girlfriend makes the best Mexican food in Brasil and that last night wasn't about the food but about hanging out together.

We had fun.

We watched the game and ate our food.
Some of us didn't make it through the second half.

That's why big brothers are so good to have around.

It was a cool guys night out and we are already looking forward to the next one.

By the way Bronwyn, we won 4-1 against Mauro's (Machado's brother) team. We felt bad for him but were happy that we won. He was, by far, their best guy. They scored first. I love Mauro's reaction after their goal and Guinazu's reaction after our second goal. Here are your goals:

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