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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Good Day/First Day

Yesterday Giovanni had a great day at school.

We thought it would be better for me to take him instead of my girlfriend. So she told us "bye" at the entrance to the school and we went in alone.

Janette asked me to sit in the corner of the classroom. I'll turn 45 this year and some things never change from my youth. I enter a school and the teacher immediately asks me to sit in the corner. Anyway, he came over from time to time to see me. I intentionally made as little eye contact as possible. I encouraged him to ask Janette the questions he was asking me. He then went back to her and asked the question.

He was so much more at ease than he was on Monday.

The only time he cried was when he tripped over my foot on the playground, fell backwards and cracked his head on the concrete. I know, I know........I'm a great dad.

Yesterday was also a first day for this young lady.

Ansley started her first job.

She got a job working downtown at an English school. Right now it's only for 2-3 days a week but there is a good possibility that she will get more hours/classes. She's got applications in at other places as well.

She had a great first day and has already made friends. I know it's only one day but she liked the place and that's always important in any job.

She is working to make money for college (she will wait a year and go to the United States in the fall of 2012). She is also getting ready to go to Ecuador in August.

She has been accepted to work at Hacienda of Hope Children's Home. From what I understand she is the youngest person ever to be accepted to go there and live. She is excited about the opportunity.

So it's been a good week already for our family. New adventures and new friends.

P.S. If you are our close friends (even if you aren't ) then you know you can be expecting a letter soon asking for help in getting our daughter to Ecuador. Keep an eye on your inbox.

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